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 Paradiddle Phrasing Exercise
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Did you know it is possible to play Michael Jackson’s hit song “Bad” as Paradiddles? Here is a lesson that will take your phrasing capabilities to the next level!

Simon Phillips Style Paradiddle Fill

Simon Phillips Fill Website
Here is a transcription of a Simon Phillips Style Paradiddle Fill. He uses a lot of Paradiddle Phrases in his soloing as 32nd notes. It starts on the last 32nd note of the previous bar and has a strong emphasis on the first two notes of a Single Paradiddle being accented instead of just the first note. You can watch a video explanation and demonstration of this lesson below

Introduction to Groove Concepts of Simon Phillips

As requested on YouTube – here is a video lesson explaining some of Simon Phillips Groove Concepts. This particular Groove is a variation of what he plays when he plays Toto hits Africa and Stop Loving You, as well as many others!

Five Note Flam Lesson

Here is a pretty cool Flam based fill I came up with which can sound really cool as a fill or as part of a solo. You can watch a video explanation demonstration below.